Randolph County, Arkansas

    Tax Collector - Norma Pickett

    Randolph County Collector, Norma Hibbard Pickett, is a lifelong resident of Randolph County.  She is married to Gary Pickett, and they have one adult son, Josh who is attending ASU.  Norma is one of nine children born to the late Alvin and Wanda Hibbard.  She has a twin sister who is Vice President of a local bank, which makes life very interesting for both her and her twin.  People have a very hard time telling them apart, and they are always getting asked questions about the other one’s profession. 

    Norma began her career in the collector’s office in 1997 as a deputy collector and is currently serving her 7th term as collector.  She is a member of the Arkansas Association of County Collectors and is certified and bonded in the collection of taxes.   She attends continuing education classes for collectors throughout the year to enhance her knowledge of current issues and legislation that affects collectors statewide.  “These meetings are very important and useful in implementing new legislation and office procedures that keep us in compliance with state laws,” Pickett states.  “Legislation is very challenging at times and affects every office in county government.” 

     “I am honored to serve the citizens of Randolph County and appreciate the confidence and support you have shown in allowing me to serve as your county tax collector.  It is a pleasure to work with the other elected officials and the quorum court for the citizens of our county and I look forward to continuing to serve in this capacity.  Every year brings new challenges and situations that must be addressed and acted upon but we are all committed to working together to get the job done.”