Randolph County, Arkansas

Judge’s Office

Duties of the County Judge's Office:

  • Maintenance of county roads
  • Management of the Transfer Station
  • Approval of all county claims
  • Quarterly Reports on Veteran's Office and OEM
  • Reporting for Juvenile Probation Officers
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Insurance Claims
  • Maintain current Inventory of all county property
  • Custodian of all county property
  • Negotiations and contracts for services
  • Issues proclamations
  • Makes appointments to boards and committees (ex. 911 Advisory Board, Nursing Home Board, Library Board, Equalization Board, ADA Advisory Board & Quorum Court Committees)
  • Chairs Meetings of Quorum Court with no vote
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal laws

Duties of the County Judge in Judicial Capacity:

  • Petition for landlocked properties, road easements and vacating roads
  • Additions and deletions on property tax books when redemption of property is made, double assessment, etc.
  • Bid acceptance for purchases requiring court orders
  • Sale of surplus property
  • Release of land for annexation